Shohei Takasaki

Japanese artist, Shohei Takasaki is making a name for himself as an unstoppably expressive and talented artist in the contemporary art scene. He is living and working in Portland, USA. Creating works which display his powerful and freestyle approach to painting, Takasaki is fascinated by notions of desire and the physicality of sexual attraction between human bodies, bringing his imagery alive on its 2-D surfaces, pulsing and undulating in rich colors and dynamic lines. Unafraid to walk the tightrope between abstraction and figuration, Takasaki distills his perception of the outside world and its inner individual passions, including his own, with neo-expressionist flair. There is something primitive and wild about Takasaki’s creations, and something romantic and insatiable too – like a beautiful beast willingly tamed by its captor, toying with the idea of escape.

Zelie Walker, The Cat Street Gallery